youtaite-honestly asked:

You were my inspiration I'm sO HAPPY TO SEE YOU BACK. :D

Oh, there you are, I just answered a question about you. It’s nice to hear I inspired you in some way. I apologize for being inactive sometimes, I am the only one running this blog so it gets a bit hectic at times, so thanks for sticking with me. 

Also, don’t let that silly anon hate get to you. After all, the world is full of positivity and negativity, our blogs are just here to show that. :)

I hope you will continue to enjoy Youtaite-Rage! 

Anonymous asked:

What do you think of youtaite-honestly basing their blog off yours?

"Also, what do you think of all the anon hate they are getting? Did you get this much hate that you simply ignored?"
- - -

I didn’t know about them until you mentioned them. I guess the saying goes; “copying is a form of flattery” but I prefer people to be unique and I don’t really see much use in two blogs that are the same, but its nice I inspired them in some way. They also mentioned how I go inactive a lot, I honestly didn’t realize I was doing that, I do try to post ten confessions a week, but I will try harder to post more. After all I am just one person running this page and things happen, so I hope you all can bear with me here. :)

As for the second part of your question, I just added it to this one, I hope that is OK. I did/do get hate, but I either choose to ignore it or post it in my segments called “White Knight Spotlight” so they may get the attention they are seeking. If you haven’t noticed I try to make the best out of everything submitted in my ask box. I really do think people are pretty naive thinking the world is all rainbows and compliments. After all, there must be a bit of honesty in these confessions or else they wouldn’t be posted in the first place, and I hope people can find a way to use them to grow and become better as a person and prove that what is said about them is wrong.

Back on the subject on Youtaite-Honesty, I don’t beleive anyone deserves to be harassed in that manner, and they aren’t really the first blog to try to copy me either, but I do feel kind of bad for them. Anon hate like that doesn’t bother me, but not everyone is me, so I hope they are doing OK.

Thanks for the question Anon!